Katie Belcher Reception

On January 20, 2012 Katie Belcher’s exhibition Field Work opened at Line Gallery. Here are a few photos from the reception.

Katie Belcher reception at Line Gallery with Disc harrow in the background

Katie Belcher reception at Line Gallery with German head yoke and Duck carcass in the background

Katie Belcher reception at Line Gallery with Leg, inverted, O'Dell house and Leg, night market, Brussels in the background


Coupled – Robert Malinowski

The following images are of Robert Malinowski’s exhibition Coupled which ran from November 23, 2011 to December 10, 2011.

View of Everything We Ever Wanted and Not A Word Spoken

View of RePleated Love and Everything We Ever Wanted


Interview with Robert Malinowski

Line Gallery: Why do you think you came to focus on drawing as opposed to another medium?

Robert Malinowski: I remember thinking about writers and their craft.  I envisioned them making notes, laying out a draft, all with a pencil and paper.  (Setting aside the thought that a computer might be the preferred tool of choice.)  I marveled at the though that it was so immediate.  Thought to paper, the idea materialized in quick and easy strokes.  I related drawing to the same immediacy. With a simple pencil and paper what could I accomplish? From there, my relationship with drawing, and its challenges, moved forward.


LG: Are there any artists or experiences that have shaped/influenced your practice?

RM: I was moved by Norval Morrisseau drawings that were exhibited at the Drawing Center in New York.  Not only was I moved by the work itself but also by the fact that they were works done while he was in prison during 1972/73.   Again I thought about the artist, the pencil and paper.   I enjoy the works of Parr, an Inuit artist born on Baffin Island in 1893.  He was a hunter turned artist; all I can simply say here is “so much with so little”.   This brings to mind some of the works of John Scott, which I guess you could consider drawings.  The particular works I think about were sometimes made on seemingly non-archival surfaces with Varsol and oil stick, simple bold gestures but the stories can go on forever even though the physical piece itself may not.

Just a Moment – Olexander Wlasenko

The following images are of Olexander Wlasenko’s exhibition Just a Moment.

View of Tear

View of The Offering, Tear and The Space Between