it’s not safe in the rabbit hole – Aleks Bartosik

The following images are of Aleks Bartosik’s exhibition it’s not safe in the rabbit hole which ran from March 21 to April 14, 2012.

View of speak to me (desperate conversation)

Detail of speak to me (desperate conversation)


Interview with Aleks Bartosik

Line Gallery: Why do you think drawing is important in contemporary art or as a practice?

Aleks Bartosik: I think that drawing has always been important in art and art criticism; however, drawing was never really viewed as a finished or complete ‘work of art’ until recently. Drawings show so much about the artist and the rawness of that artist simply by the technique’s simplicity. Drawing has existed forever as a means of communication, and I think this still exists and is essential.


LG: There are a few works that we have included in the exhibition that walk a very close line to being seen as paintings. Can you say a little about where that line is between painting and drawing for you? Do you see them as different practices? Does drawing offer different outcomes or possibilities? How do you define the differences between drawing and painting?

AB: There is no line between painting and drawing for me. I view both mediums as equal, or more importantly, as co-existing with one another to make complete thoughts. I can’t help but mix both practices on my surfaces that I work on. There is a sense of completeness in a painting for me even if there is still a skeletal under-drawing visible, or there are drawing elements worked into that painting as I create it. The same occurs when I make drawings, they feel incomplete if there is no paint present in them. Since both mediums exist only when they co-exist, then it is hard to say that one is more important than the other. However, it is true that there are different outcomes and possibilities between a work of art that is dominantly a drawing and a work of art that is dominantly a painting; that is depending on the choice of the surface on which I work on. The difference between working on canvas and on paper creates that opportunity for different outcomes and possibilities for a work of art.


Aleks Bartosik Artist Talk & Reception

On March 24, 2012 Aleks Bartosik gave an artist talk at White Water Gallery. The talk was presented by Line Gallery in partnership with White Water Gallery, which was also hosting a tandem exhibition of Bartosik’s work.

Aleks Bartosik speaking at White Water Gallery

Here are some photos from Aleks Bartosik’s reception at Line Gallery. The reception was held on March 23, 2012.

Aleks Bartosik reception at Line Gallery with speak to me (desperate conversation) in the background

Aleks Bartosik reception at Line Gallery with speak to me (desperate conversation) and hiding in solitude in the background