Field Work – Katie Belcher

The following images are of Katie Belcher’s exhibition Field Work which ran from January 18, 2012 to February 4, 2012.

View of Disc harrow and Port Royal goose

View of Port Royal goose, German head yoke, and Potter's tool


Interview with Katie Belcher

Line Gallery:  Why do you think you came to focus on drawing as opposed to another medium?

Katie Belcher:  I came into drawing as my medium quite reluctantly. I had always associated drawing with sketching or illustration. I thought it was tight and limited. It was my first drawing teacher, Susan Wood, who changed that for me. She encouraged me to use loose media (both dry and wet) and to work on quality paper at a much larger size. I learned to persist with one drawing, layering and reworking it until it was fully realized. With that change in process, I fell completely in love with drawing. It is energetic, raw and immediate. I pursued drawing through my studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, but also continued to work in sculpture. Outside of school, I’ve found drawing to be more practical than sculpture in terms of space, cost, and storage. I still perceive three dimensionally however, which is likely why I draw reductively. I find that my process of drawing satisfies the parts of me that still love sculpture.


LG:  Why do you think drawing is important in contemporary art or as a practice?

KB:  Drawing is a medium unlike any other. It can be very current, or historical. It can straddle both of those definitions, as I intend my own work to do. Drawings are the beginning to all other art forms, and yet, they can stand on their own as completed works. To me, one of the richest qualities of drawing is that it is free from the condition of being “finished”. A drawing always holds within it the possibility of being erased, or added to, and as such is limitless.

Katie Belcher Reception

On January 20, 2012 Katie Belcher’s exhibition Field Work opened at Line Gallery. Here are a few photos from the reception.

Katie Belcher reception at Line Gallery with Disc harrow in the background

Katie Belcher reception at Line Gallery with German head yoke and Duck carcass in the background

Katie Belcher reception at Line Gallery with Leg, inverted, O'Dell house and Leg, night market, Brussels in the background