debris – Liv Bonli

The following images are of Liv Bonli’s exhibition debris which ran from February 15 to March 3, 2012.

View of pile

View of tumble


Interview with Liv Bonli

Line Gallery: Why do you think you came to focus on drawing as opposed to another medium?

Liv Bonli: I’ve always drawn — as far back as I can remember.  I was a kid with pencils.   Drawing has been a constant in my practice, and informs my thinking about work in other mediums as well. Beyond that, however, I’m drawn to its simplicity and versatility.  Drawing is something that can be done almost anywhere and that you can take with you. It’s also extremely relatable: most people have experience with drawing. You can be dealing with very complex or very simple ideas, and there is always a point of entry for the viewer.


LG:  Are there any artists or experiences that have shaped/influenced your practice?

LB: I’ve been lucky to benefit from the instruction and mentorship of Alison Norlen and Patrick Traer during my time at the University of Saskatchewan, and David Merritt during my graduate studies at the University of Western Ontario.   I was an undergraduate when I first realized that drawing could be a focus in its own right. That was important.

Liv Bonli Reception

On February 11, 2012 Liv Bonli’s exhibition debris opened at Line Gallery. Here is a photo from the reception.

Liv Bonli's Reception at Line Gallery with her Untitled series in the background