Living Room for the Lost – Lucie Chan

The following images are of Lucie Chan’s exhibition Living Room for the Lost which ran from January 19 to February 9, 2013.

View of Living Room for the Lost

Detail Living Room for the Lost


Interview with Lucie Chan

Line Gallery: Why do you think you came to focus on drawing as opposed to another medium?

Lucie Chan: I chose it because it doesn’t come with hardware, machinery and you can generally do it anywhere, it’s economical, it can be anything, and people are always eventually moving onto other media and end up giving away their drawing supplies.


LG: Why do you think drawing is important in contemporary art or as a practice?

LC: My question is: Is drawing important?? (in contemporary art). I like that there are movements that are carried on from history or won’t go away and are still changing, repeating itself, raising questions about why people still do it. Drawing as a practice has slowed down how I look at things and reflect on them. It has made me more of an observant human being.


Lucie Chan Artist Talk & Reception

On January 19, 2013 Line Gallery hosted Lucie Chan’s artist talk and reception.

Lucie Chan giving a guided tour of her work at Line Gallery

Lucie Chan's reception for Living Room for the Lost