and so uncertain suddenly – Sophie Jodoin

The following images are of Sophie Jodoin’s exhibition and so uncertain suddenly which ran from November 16 to December 14, 2013. For this exhibition Sophie Jodoin collaborated with poet Jhave.

View of Untitled (black bouquet)

Untitled (black bouquet)


Interview with Sophie Jodoin

Line Gallery: In the past your work has hovered between drawing and painting, but it settled rather comfortably into drawing. Why do you think drawing is a practice that interests you?

Sophie Jodoin: My definition of drawing is pretty open, personal and evolving – I don’t like to give it boundaries. I happen to work in monochrome and mainly on paper, but I also make collages, video, sculptures and think of them in terms of drawing as well. Its closeness to writing and sound has always intrigued me.


LG: Your drawings have always shown a considerable amount of skill in their execution. Would you say that your skill came quite naturally, or was it something that you had to learn?

SJ: Skill is not something I look for in other artists’ works, or necessarily trust. Technique tends to want to set its own agenda and can easily become empty. I don’t like to look at art in terms of “skill” but rather intent.


Sophie Jodoin Artist Talk & Reception

On November 15, 2013 Sophie Jodoin gave an artist talk at Nipissing University and Line Gallery held the opening reception for her exhibition and so uncertain suddenly later that evening.

Sophie Jodoin's artist talk at Nipissing University

Sophie Jodoin's reception with Tiny tender love poem 1-12 (black) in the background


Sophie Jodoin's reception with Untitled (black bouquet) in the background